Coffee Tree

Coffee Tree is my new piece, which was inspired by a purchase of a coffee bean bag made of burlap. I combined it with a multicolor snow dye (in the center), a piece of potato resist-patterned hand-dyed cotton and several other hand-dyed cottons.

Innovations include the green insert into the facing seam on the left, a piece of fat binding which becomes facing on the right, and the incorporation of linen thread trimmings in the very center and at the top right.

It was constructed as four separate panels, then combined with a sngle backing. The irregular bottoms were each faced separately before the backing was added.

I tried to make this piece more freely than previous work--more "fiber art" than "quilt".

Coffee Tree will be shown at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Navato, CA, during their juried Summer National show, May 30-July 6, 2015.

This piece has been donated to a private high school in Berkeley, CA, through my nephew, Bill Webb.

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