Can't We All Just Get Along?

This rather large piece, 40 x 58", expresses my hope for greater communication and respect for all people, during this time of confusion in our country.

I discharged black cotton for the background, added curved strips of dupioni silk, and, after quilting it, hand appliqued three patches of hand dyed fabric. They were quilted first with the facial lines stitched through all layers. I laid down the design of the lines and then repeated the lines next to the previous lines until I had the width I desired to make them the focal point of the piece.

Then I made the borders separately with more discharged fabric and strips of hand painted sateen to make a rainbow statement. The borders are attached loosely to the main quilt at the outer sides, top and bottom. They are free along the painted strips.

The title comes from Rodney King's quotation after he was beaten before the Watts Riots in Los Angeles many years ago. The desire he expressed still rings true.

Photo credit to Gregory Case.

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