We had five inches of snow this week, so I thought I would try an experiment of discharging black fabric with snow and bleach. I shoveled some snow into a big basin, added scrunched, dry black fabric and put more snow on top (about an inch or so). Then I poured a 50% solution of bleach on top--about 2 cups. The darker pieces in the photo were left in the basin for 20 to 30 minutes. The brighter piece soaked in the snow and bleach for around three hours.

After taking each piece out, I plunged them into an Anti-chlor solution (Pro Chem and Dye). Then they were rinsed and washed. I love the patterns produced by this technique. Thanks to Linda Waddle for the idea.

The snow is gone now, but I'm thinking of trying more experiments with crushed ice.

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